Can anyone explain if these problems are bugs in theme studio 3 with n90 and compiling under version 2.8 or otherwise:

1. Calculator Frame

Using theme studio 3 when you edit the calculator frame into a 1 piece graphic it does not display when installed on the n90 or n70 phone. The same occurs even when editing a 9 piece frame sometimes. I worked around this creating a solution but when changing parts of the 9 piece frame and building the sis file theme studio 3 then compiles it back into some error where it will not show on the phone an instead shows the base graphic blue frame. To reproduce this or use the workaround try the following:

a) Compile the default Digitiles theme and it will not show on n90 / n70 calculator frame.
b) Compile the default Zebra theme and it will not show on n90 / n70 calculator frame.
c) Compile the Saku deafult theme and it WILL show on the n90 / n70 calculator frame.


Manually copy the xml code and associated images (using notepad) from the Saku theme tdf for the 9 piece calculator frame and overwrite any non working theme tdf calculator element and save. Then edit the images accordingly to suit your theme.

Mixed results will occur if you then use theme studio to replace the graphics doing SVG-T conversions. Sometimes with same images it will work fine and compile into a working theme and sometimes it will just change your theme back to a non working calculator frame again. Very odd.

2. Volume Setting Control Grahics not shown on n90 (such as ringing volume in profiles). Only base graphics are shown always even though the preview in theme studio look fine. This occurs with all the default 2.8 compiled themes that come with theme studio 3. The known issues only mention Landscape volume indicators will not work on phone but I am assuming both don't. Older themes for s60 will work fine. Is theme studio 3 different in the way it is compiling setting volume controls that is not compatible with n90. Does n90 need a single image for volume controls rather than individual graphics as compiled in theme studio 3.

3. Animated efects don't work on n90 (such as Zebra theme). Are they supposed to?

Thanks in advance for any informationm on these issues.