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    Ringtones - Already Defined Pattern

    Thanks for reading this. Basically I'm a bit unsure on how I should be handling ringtones that have an already defined pattern, specified in the pattern specifier.

    The spec is like this



    I have yet to come acrorss a ringtone with this <already-defined-pattern> . What is the required action is I get one of these ? Also is it possible to obtain an example text file that uses this ?

    Thanks for any help/information



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    RE: Ringtones - Already Defined Pattern

    Say you have defined a ringtone which goes like this: A-part,A-part,B-part,A-part,B-part.

    This could be defined like:
    A-part repeated once, definition of A-part
    B-part repeated 0 times, definition of B-part
    A-part repeated 0 times (No definition needed!)
    B-part repeated 0 times (No definition needed!)


    000 00 0001 <pattern-specifier><pattern-instruction>+
    000 01 0000 <pattern-specifier><pattern-instruction>+
    000 00 0000 00000000
    000 01 0000 00000000

    Does that help?

    -paul / ForumNokia

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