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    record sound in AMR format

    Hi folks,

    I have a project to record sound in Nokia phone. The main goal of my project is record the sound in small size, so WAV cannot be use. I have read some information from forum and make a test. Following is part of the source code. It can record sound in amr format, however it works in Nokia 6600, but not in 7610 and N70.
    Any idea?

    Besides, where I can find the UID for others clip format? such as ogg, mp3 or others compressed audio formation for MMF? I want to try others format incase amr not work.


    In ConstructL:

    iMdaAudioRecorderUtility = CMdaAudioRecorderUtility::NewL(*this, 0, 80, EMdaPriorityPreferenceQuality);

    const TUid KMMFExControllerUID = {0x101F5022};
    const TUid KMMFExDesFormatUID = {0x101FAF66};
    const TUint32 KMMFFourCCCodeAMR = {0x524d4120};


    where aFileName is E:\test.amr

    // Set maximum gain for recording

    // Delete current audio sample from beginning of file
    // CropL doesn't work according forum nokia know issues
    // iMdaAudioRecorderUtility->CropL();



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    Re: record sound in AMR format

    there are no support on recording Mp3 with series 60 devices (6600 does not even play MP3 nativly). Anyway, you could search this forum for recording using streams. If I remember right Sten had quite nice posts descriping on how to record AMR with streams.


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    Re: record sound in AMR format

    Thanks for you information.

    Besdies where I can find others audio clip format UID?

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