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    Screen saver API in 3rd edition

    Has anyone written a screensaver that runs on series 60 third edition?

    I've previously downloaded the screen saver example on forumnokia, which is for the 2nd edition FP2, and gotten it working without too much trouble. The changes in the API for the 3rd edition are a bit cryptic to me though, since I haven't really dealt with Ecom before, and it seems to require a fairly good knowledge of it, as well as leaving me unclear on several other points (Do I inherit and implement the ecom interface and the MScreenSaver seperately? Together? Does the file still go into system/screensavers or into an ecom directory? Built as a DLL or as the ecom type? etc.)

    I would greatly appreciate it if anyone had some working skeleton code for a screen saver on the third edition (or even 2nd edition fp3, I think it's similar)


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    Re: Screen saver API in 3rd edition


    How did you go with this problem? We have the same issue.


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    Re: Screen saver API in 3rd edition

    Hello all,

    If somebody is still watching this topic: I created an example screensaver for 3rd. edition, complete source code + article:

    s60 3rd. edition: writing a screensaver

    It's also published at NewLC.com.


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    Re: Screen saver API in 3rd edition

    thanks Daniel.

    // chall3ng3r //
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    Re: Screen saver API in 3rd edition

    This is also covered by Nokia in TSS000430


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    Re: Screen saver API in 3rd edition

    Does anyone know what has changed in 3rd edition FP1 (9.2). The Nokia sample just crashes the Themes when I try to open Power Saver item in N95

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