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    rvct0_0.h Not Found

    I just upgrade from CodeWarrior 3.0 Pro to 3.1 Pro. and after successful installation. I import HelloWorldBasic.mmp to CodeWarrior Project. and It is done.
    But when I wanted to compile into ARMV5 Release version. The IDE kept telling me can't find a prefix file "rvct0_0.h".
    I did search all my disk for "rvct0_0.h" and it simply dosen't exist. so I delete the prefix file. and compile again. then the IDE show an error message "The Win32 CreateProcess call failed, Reporting the following error:..."

    Have any one experienced this kind of problems like mine? and any solution ?

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    Re: rvct0_0.h Not Found

    It means that CW can't find your RVCT compiler. Probably ARMV5 isn't the target you want to use (unless you RVCT installed).

    Instead use target GCCE for compilation for device.

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    Re: rvct0_0.h Not Found

    Bitnir, have you got GCCE work with engines. I haven't been able to create .lib-files with GCCE. ARMv5 is giving me same errors as for kenwc and thus it is not possible to compile with that...

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