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    3310 bugs when replaying ringtones

    The SMS 3.0.0 spec is EXTREMELY vague in how it describes the semantics of the ringtone data stream. In particular, there is a concept of "current octave", "current style" and "current volume", but no information as to when they are reset to their defaults.

    On my 8210 these current settings are retained throughout a pattern and are only reset to their defaults at the start of the pattern. But the 3310 seems to contain a "feature" whereby the current octave (at least) is reset to the default after every rest (note with value = 0).

    Is there any documentation available which explains the "differences in implementation" of ringtone playback between different Nokia phones? Is there a well-defined, lowest common denominator format?

    Or at least can anyone confirm the behavior I describe on the 3310? How do other people handle the "current octave" settings? The lowest common denominator approach seems to be to always issue a "set octave" command before any note that occurs immediately after a rest. This is unfortunately wasteful of limited memory. Any better ideas?

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    RE: 3310 bugs when replaying ringtones

    I believe the desired functionality should be that the octave setting stays set until it is set again. This doesn't help you, though, if different phones behave differently. Unfortunately that may very well be the case.

    Hopefully some of the developers here can provide the confirmation for the 3310 behaviour, and suggest something.

    -paul / ForumNokia

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