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    What is wrong on this cod system?


    i create thise mime type on my web server:
    text/x-co-desc for *.cod files

    i create example cod file named supermario.cod:
    COD-Name: SuperMario
    COD-URL: http://wap.wapstranky.cz/supermario.mid
    COD-Install-Notify: http://www.wapstranky.cz/nic.php?file=mario
    COD-Type: audio/mid
    COD-Size: 4328
    COD-Description: For testing COD delivery system and polyphonic ringtones.
    COD-Vendor: WapStranky.CZ
    COD-Next-URL: http://www.wapstranky.cz/nic.php?file=mario
    COD-NextURLatError: http://www.wapstranky.cz/nic.php?file=marionepoved

    But if i tested this in Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit and Nokia 6590 Simulator, this cod file was interpreted as text!

    What is wrong?

    test url: http://wap.wapstranky.cz/cod/supermario.cod

    Thanks for answer


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    RE: What is wrong on this cod system?

    in my apache configuration, I put:
    AddType text/x-co-desc cod

    can you tell me what is the format of nic.php or the COD-Install-Notify?
    I still confuse about that.

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