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    n70 "Data Mover" utility: how to restore it?

    Hi to all.
    In my n70 smartphones, I've found "DATA MOVER" or "DATA TRANSFER" utility which I can move messages, phone book and other informations from a symbian phones to an other. I know this utility can be used for only one time...Any developer can confirm me it? I think there is a way to find and delete the informations ("files") referred to the "from phone"...So it will be restore the utility for a next use with another symbian phone...Any suggestion?

    P.s. Sorry for my English...

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    Re: n70 "Data Mover" utility: how to restore it?

    Install FExplorer (http://www.gosymbian.com/) and delete the file C:\system\shareddata\101ff93b.ini

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