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    Thumbs up Deployment problem

    Hi All,

    I have recently developed a checkers game which i want to deploy onto the nokia 6680. I am using the nokia development suite for J2ME and using the Prototype_2_0_S60_MIDP_Emulator.
    I have a menu to choose which game type i want to play from a form list and the user selects which type of game they wish to play.

    All works fine in the IDE but when i try to deploy and install the jar file, all i am able to get is the form screen to appear on the mobile device but it does not start the actual application after the choice is choosen from the form.

    I am simulating the program on the emulator as "trusted 3rd party" which works fine, but if i choose to run the simulation as "Real Life" and try to run the program i am getting the error. This is after i am signing the jad file!

    The error reads **Error installing suite (36): Courrupt JAR, error while reading META-INF/MANIFEST.MF

    Can anyone help me with this please...


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    Re: Deployment problem

    It seems that your SHA1 digest may be incorrect. Check that and make sure that your file is not being corrupted in any way.

    Juarez Alvares Barbosa Junior - Brazil

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    Re: Deployment problem

    Hi reeco1,

    Please bear in mind that, if after signing the JAD file, you change the .jar file by any means (such as refreshing it from Nokia Developer Suite for example), you have to sign it again or it will become invalid.

    Try this:

    - Remove current .jad and .jar
    - Compile everything again
    - Build the application package
    - Sign the .jad file
    - Without doing anything else, run it using the .jad file just signed. Try to run it also in different SDK, such as non prototype ones for example.


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