Hi All,

I have recently developed a checkers game which i want to deploy onto the nokia 6680. I am using the nokia development suite for J2ME and using the Prototype_2_0_S60_MIDP_Emulator.
I have a menu to choose which game type i want to play from a form list and the user selects which type of game they wish to play.

All works fine in the IDE but when i try to deploy and install the jar file, all i am able to get is the form screen to appear on the mobile device but it does not start the actual application after the choice is choosen from the form.

I am simulating the program on the emulator as "trusted 3rd party" which works fine, but if i choose to run the simulation as "Real Life" and try to run the program i am getting the error. This is after i am signing the jad file!

The error reads **Error installing suite (36): Courrupt JAR, error while reading META-INF/MANIFEST.MF

Can anyone help me with this please...