In J2ME, I have one application say 'main.java' in src folder. main.java calls another midlet file say 'alarm.java' using PushRegistry.registerAlarm(). In project settings, in MID-let tab, I mentioned main and alarm midlets. (concept of MIDlet suit). When I create a package, main.jar file is created.

Now, when I installed main.jar, I see 'main' and 'alarm' icons in the cellphone. actually, I dont want 'alarm' icon to be displayed. if I remove 'alarm' midlet from project settings then I dont see 'alarm' icon but main.java is unable to find the alarm midlet.

Please help me out to solve this problem. How would I able to call alarm midlet from main.java without displaying alarm icon in the cellphone.

I am working on actual alarm kind of an application. If you have any other idea in which one file takes the input time and other alarm file is activated on that specified time then plz plz let me know.

Awaiting for your reply as soon as possible.

Ruchit Joshi.