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    Smile Nokia N70 and gmail - Finally

    I finally managed to get gmail working 100% on my Nokia N70.

    Mailbox Settings:
    Mailbox name: gmail.com
    My e-mail address: <whatever>@gmail.com
    Outgoing mail server: smtp.gmail.com
    UserName: <whatever>@gmail.com
    Password: <yourpass>
    Incoming mail server: pop.gmail.com
    Mailbox type: POP3
    Security(ports): On (993/995)
    APOP Secure login: Off

    Login to your gmail account and enable pop:
    1. Settings.
    2. Forwarding and pop.
    3. Select Enable POP only for mail that arrives from now on.
    (I spent a whole day trying to get it to work and it was disabled lol)

    Now the email should now work but everytime you check your mail
    you will get a nagging certificate message. I dont remember exactly what it said
    but something like cant verify certificate, unsecure provider or something..
    You can select continue, and it will work.
    But if you want to check your email every hour or something this nagging
    message will occur every hour . And it wont check your email before you confirm it.

    To get rid of this, download this certificate:

    Copy the certificate to the phone on your memory card in whatever folder
    using the nokia pc suite / file explorer.

    Then on the phone, locate the file and open it.
    The certificate will be opened, then you can save the certificate.
    Enable internet on the four selections it asks about.

    And thats all, no nagging working gmail.


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    Re: Nokia N70 and gmail - Finally

    Great that you solved it and shared the solution!
    I will add one more hint for those who [like me] don't like the Nokia built in messaging client.

    GMail works perfectly with the Opera for N70 browser (not the opera mini, but special Opera for N70). You can download it for free somewhere at opera.com

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    Re: Nokia N70 and gmail - Finally

    Great this still works 2012!

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