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    Question 6630-ReceivingSMS VIA AT COMMANDS

    Not able to receive sms via AT-Commands from my 6630.
    Why is this happening?
    I am using hyperterminal..
    The respective commands... +CMPS +CMGR +CNMI......all give error ...
    Is there any other way to receive sms thru 6630..
    Kindly help...

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    Re: 6630-ReceivingSMS VIA AT COMMANDS


    I'm not quite sure about this, but in some other forums in the Web people say that you cannot read SMS using AT commands in S60 devices, you can only send SMS.


    - Petri

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    Re: 6630-ReceivingSMS VIA AT COMMANDS

    can you list me a phone which works with AT commands using serial port. i am currently using Nokia GSM 6210 but i want to replace it with better one which is easily available in market with its serial port.


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    Re: 6630-ReceivingSMS VIA AT COMMANDS

    yeah, my 6630 does not work with receiving either, only sending.
    Jason Glass

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