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    How to comile to arm5te!


    I'm using symbian sdk 2.1net for symbian 7.0s to buil program for nokia6600 and some other. This SDK use GCC 2.8 which support arm processor architecture arm4t but not arm5. I download from symbian-gcc site GCC3.0, and in documents with it says that it support arm5te, but in real i have a error from gcc3.0 compiler "architecture not supported". There are some VERY good assembler command in arch arm5te (some DSP extensions..).

    So is any compiler for symbian os that support arm5te ? Thanks.

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    Re: How to comile to arm5te!

    You get ARM5 instruction set support if/when you upgrade to the S60 3rd Edition SDK and devices based on S60 3rd Ed./Symbian OS 9.

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