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    MMF issue in 3rd Edition SDK


    I am using the RMMFController and CMMFDevSound classes to play audio. This works fine on the S60 FP2 SDK and has been successfully tested on the Nokia 6630.

    The issue is that the 3rd Edition SDK doesn't seem to have the MMFControllerFramework.lib and MMFDevSound.lib which are required by these classes respectively, so this code can't be ported over to it.

    My questions are as follows:
    1) Does this mean that one has to only use the Client API for playing audio or is there anyway to get access to these libs?

    2) If not, then what is the procedure for creating and testing MMF plugins in the 3rd Edition?

    3) Also, the TMMFFileParams and TMMFDescriptorParams class required to add file source and descriptor sources to the controller seem not to be available in this SDK. So, if at all there is a way to use RMMFController, then what is the procedure for adding these sources to it?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: MMF issue in 3rd Edition SDK

    Please check the "Important Changes" section in S60 3rd Edition SDK documentation. There is vast amount of changes introduced in S60 3.0 as well as in Symbian 9.1. This probably is the largest leap of change S60 received in its history, so wide row of APIs and frameworks have been changed or redesigned, including new methods and concepts introduced.

    In 3rd Edition SDK, there are documents available listing such changes, includind porting guide for quick reference of required changes of legacy applications to be made minimally compliant with S60 3.0.

    P.S. Indeed, MMF has received significant change.

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