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    Question related to DLL

    Greetings All,
    I have some global data in one of the project for symbian earlier everything was fine because no one was using it as or for the DLL.
    Now the problem is that my project is a DLL but i have to use the project which is having global data and symbain is not allowing to build it with the obvious reason that few of my files have global data. I cant change the code having global data.

    So can any one give me a way out so that i can make my dll work with global data. If yes please explain.


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    Re: Question related to DLL

    Use Dll::Tls() and Dll::StTls() to pack your "global static" data into the main thread and use it further.

    Search for this in Symbian documentation.

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    Re: Question related to DLL

    Global data is allowed as long as its not writable, is your data readable only? If so maybe you can make it const. If its writable then you can use TLS as mentioned or turn your dll into an exe or use 9.x.

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    Re: Question related to DLL

    or, another alternative to those mentioned by hotcheese, would be to remove the readable global data, if possible.

    Maybe it's too much effort to re-factor the code, but you can often remove the need for global data by doing so.

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