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    How to make a sis file?

    I am using Symbian S60 SDK for 2nd Edition, FP 2. I can note make a sis file from the Code and example found in the following webs:


    Series 60 Developer Platform 2nd Edition Feature Pack 1: Video Recorder/Player Example

    I am using microsoft vc6 as IDE.

    My steps in making sis is :
    1)Using command prompt
    2)Go to the group directory
    3)type "bldmake bldfiles"
    4)type "abld makefile vc6"

    But step 4 have the following errors:

    C:\Documents and Settings\A04\Desktop\vrex\group>abld makefile vc6
    ESKTOP\VREX\GROUP" makefile vc6Platform.pm" not yet created
    BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at C:\Symbian\8.0a\S60_2nd_FP2\epoc32\tools\ab
    ld.pl line 150.

    Can anyone help me to build a sis file?

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    Re: How to make a sis file?

    Try doing it this way:

    1) Same.
    2) Same.
    3) bladmake bldfiles - creates the abld.bat
    4) abld build wins udeb - wins is the build for VC++

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    Re: How to make a sis file?

    To make a sis you need to create a .pkg then run the makesis command

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    Re: How to make a sis file?


    in order to make sis file u hv 2 use makesis utility like this :

    makesis <.pkg file name>

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