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    Question CSendUi: what capabilities?


    Does anyone know exactly what capabilities CSendUi requires? I'm using the following methods:

    static CSendUi* NewL();
    void ShowQueryAndSendL(const MessageData*,TSendingCapabilities,
    CArrayFix<TUid>*,TUid,TBool,const TDesC&);
    void AddSendMenuItemL(CEikMenuPane&,TInt,TInt,TSendingCapabilities);

    The documentation says:

    Required capabilities:
    LocalServices, NetworkServices, ReadDeviceData, WriteDeviceData,
    ReadUserData, WriteUserData

    The Messaging example documentation (C:\Symbian\9.1\S60_3rd\S60Ex\Messaging\doc\index.html) says:

    3.1 Capabilities

    The program capabilities are defined in Messaging.mmp file:
    CAPABILITY NetworkServices ReadUserData WriteUserData.

    but then it's .mpp file says something different:

    CAPABILITY NetworkServices ReadUserData WriteUserData
    WriteDeviceData ReadDeviceData

    All three sources say NetworkServices, ReadUserData and WriteUserData so they are probably required. Are LocalServices, WriteDeviceData and/or ReadDeviceData needed as well?


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    Re: CSendUi: what capabilities?

    Hi borquist,

    I am also looking for answers for the same query.Did u find out the capabilities required?


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    Re: CSendUi: what capabilities?

    at least if you define ReadUserData WriteUserData UserEnvironment LocalServices NetworkServices it will work with BT, might be that some of them are also not required.


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    Re: CSendUi: what capabilities?

    After some try and error I found that UserEnvironment and NetworkServices are not needed to send a file with BT.


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    Re: CSendUi: what capabilities?


    This is an interesting question indeed. As SendUi API can be used with various message types the needed capability set can also vary. And the documentation on this subject is not as descriptive as it probably should be.

    As a rule of thumb, connecting with devices "local" to the user i.e. BT or IrDA would require LocalServices, connecting to a remote device (SMS, MMS, e-mail) would require NetworkServices. Accessing user's information requires capabilities Write/ReadUserData, this is done when messages are written and sent from the user's address - or messages sent to the user's address are being read.

    Read/WriteDeviceData probably should not be needed by this API, but here I need to confess that I don't know exactly if they are and what would be the circumstance when they are needed.

    On the other hand we have the new SendAs API, that does not require any capablities for message sending (in such a case the user will be prompted for each message that you try to send - if you do have the capability the user will not be prompted).
    Again I am sorry to say that I do not know for certain if the SendUi API can also offer this user prompting. It would be quite convenient and logical to have the same service as the RSendAs that is the successor of the previous CSendAs.

    When a message is first opened into an editor, the capabilities to send are probably required only from the editor application as the user can choose to send/not send by the means of the message editor.

    Kind regards,
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