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Thread: what is OTA?

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    what is OTA?

    hi there,
    will some1 plz tell me what's OTA, i know it stands 4 "over the air" but what exactly does it mean? and what is the differece btwn it & wap or r they the same thing?
    Also is there anything i have 2 do 2 allow my server 2 send OTA ringtones?

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    RE: what is OTA?

    it's usualy used with "provisioning", e.g. OTA provisioning.
    Basically it means that handset's owner can send SMS message to special number, and get in response WAP access point settings, which can be stored in phone.
    So it makes WAP settings setup easier for customer (who don't need to type all these IP, username, password, home page, etc) and for operator (who saves people an money on phone calls "ow can I configure my WAP phone?&quot
    E.g. NACS support OTA prov. via SMS or from Web page.
    I believe that OTA prov cannot be used for sending ringtones , if you meant the OTA I was talking above.

    Hope that answered your question.

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    RE: what is OTA?


    OTA is over-the-air. OTA technology is used for a number of reasons and a number applications. But if you ask a GSM Operator about what the OTA server does, you will get a rather technical respons, that does not include ringtones and logos.

    An OTA server is normally used for changing information on the SIM card. So it has to have functionality for doing rather complex crypotograpic stuff. To be able to do this it needs to be fully integrated to the core GSM network elements. An operator controlled server!

    The "word" OTA is also used for describing the sending of general settings for WAP and IP network access via SMS to the handset. This is not really OTA, just binary encoded SMS. This is not supported by all handsets. However Nokia and Ericsson (for example) has supported it for a long time. I beleive it is based on Nokia Smart Messaging.

    The same goes for ringtones and logos. Sending them over the air with a SMS is not OTA.

    Hope this helps.

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