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    unable to create sis file


    I am new to mobile programming.By using code warrior(IDE) , I have written simple program, default platform are WINSCW UDEB,WINSCW UREL, ARMI UREL and THUMB UREL. when I run, its working fine in emulator.

    when I try to make sis file , I am unable to do so....

    the pkg file is as follows,

    ;SimpleEx.pkg - Serires 60
    ; standard SIS file header

    ;Supports Series 60 (all versions)

    "C:\Symbian\Series60_1_2_CW\epoc32\release\armi\urel\SimpleEx.APP" -
    "C:\Symbian\Series60_1_2_CW\epoc32\data\z\system\APPS\SIMPLEEX\SimpleEx.rsc" -

    Please , help me out, I am very .


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    Re: unable to create sis file


    you did't include .aif file in your .pkg file. Include that file and try again.


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