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    Sending MMS from PC to a real MMSC

    I am trying to send an MMS to another GSM Phone using real MMSC of a GSM operator (Omnitel) from a PC connected with a GPRS modem to the right APN for MMS of that operator.

    I am using the MMS Java Library and configured with all the parameters needed, provided by the GSM operator.

    It always fails reporting a timeout connection after about 2 minutes.

    If testing it with the MMSC EAIF Emulator everything goes right.

    I have a NOKIA 7650 and if I use the same SIM with the same parameters used in the Java applet configuration everything goes right.

    1) What could be the problem with the configuration of my Java class (MMS Library) ??

    2) The IP address provided by the GSM Operator of the MMSC becomes without a TCP Port number. Since the IP I used in the NOKIA 7650 is also without port number, is there a standard port for it? What number?



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    RE: Sending MMS from PC to a real MMSC


    Interface for external applications is different than the interface your 7650 uses when fetching the message. MMS Java library uses EAIF interface to send and receive messages, your 7650 (or it's MMS client) uses WAP protocols to fetch / post net MMS messages.

    So, the MMS Java lib can't be used from PC to fetch messages pointed to mobile terminal, usually you also need to have agreement with your carrier to use EAIF.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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