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    Angry Please help me!: CApSelect class not found in FP3

    Hi all!

    What has happened to CApSelect class in S60_2nd_edition_FP3?
    CApSelect is in S60_2nd_edition_FP2 and S60_3rd_edition documentation, but not in S60_2nd_edition_FP3. Anyway, the header file apselect.h is found also in FP3.
    Following code example doesn't work:

    // open commdb
    CCommsDatabase* commDb = CCommsDatabase::NewL(EDatabaseTypeIAP);

    // open IAP table
    CApSelect* apselect = CApSelect::NewLC(*commDb, KEApIspTypeAll ,EApBearerTypeGPRS ,KEApSortUidAscending);

    Please help me!

    BR, Jaakko
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    Re: CApSelect class not found in FP3

    As I remember this class is deprecated/removed. However, if you mean that your code doesn't compile or link just copy the stuff (headers and libraries) you need from FP2 or FP1 SDKs.

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    Re: CApSelect class not found in FP3

    But can you say, why CApselect is found in S60_3rd_edition?
    And also, can you say, are the .lib -files same in wins and winscw packets?

    Compilation is ok, after I have added manually apengine.lib file from S60_2nd_ed_FP2 wins package to S60_2nd_ed_FP3 winscw package. But the program breaks on line "CApSelect* apselect = ...".

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