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    Read file with TFileText


    I would like to read a file with TFileText. It works for the first line but after, it reads nothing.

      RFile filesave;
      filesave.Open(fsSession, nameFile, EFileRead);
      TFileText ft;
      //Read the first line
      HBufC* Detail = HBufC::NewL(3);
      TInt ty = ft.Read(Detail->Des());
      //Transform the number
      TLex conv( Detail->Des() );
      conv.Val(nb); //The number is OK
      //Read the second line
      HBufC* Detail2 = HBufC::NewL(3);
      TInt ya = ft.Read(Detail2->Des());
      //Transform the number
      TLex convTemp( Detail2->Des() );
      convTemp.Val(nb2); //nb2 is 0 !!!!
    I don't understant why the TFileText doesn't return the write number.

    Please help me.

    Thank you,


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    Re: Read file with TFileText

    I've just raised a question about this to your posting on NewLC, to get more information about the problem (http://forum.newlc.com/index.php/topic,12865.0.html)

    Perhaps you could post the same information here...Thanks.

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