I have installed Nokia’s new tool called Carbide.j 1.0 and integrated it with Netbeans 5.0 & Netbeans Mobility Pack 5.0.

But after the installation you also have to add things manually.
But Carbide.j 1.0 only support Netbeans 4.1 and adding modules in Netbeans 5.0 is different than Netbeans 4.1.

To install modules in NB5.0 you use the update center to install nbm files, will Nokia add support for that?

At the Netbeans forum they told me: the best solution is to simply create an nbm that does all those steps automaticly.
I don't know how to do that?


*******instructions for NetBeans 4.0 and 4.1********************
Once you have installed the NetBeans and the Carbide.j Integration, you need to perform some configuration actions. Nokia UI Designer and NDS Adapter modules are not installed in connection with the NDS integration installation. To install these modules, perform the following steps:

Start NetBeans IDE.
Select Tools | Options from the menu bar.
Select Options \ IDE Configuration \ System \ Modules in the Options dialog.
Right-click the Modules folder. Select Add | Module… from the context menu.
Browse to the <NetBeans Installation Folder>\modules folder. The NetBeans installation folder is the same one that you selected during the installation of NDS with NetBeans integration (for example, C:\programs\netbeans-4.1). Select the NDS_Adapter_NetBeans.jar file and click Install.
Repeat Steps 4 and5, but now select the Nokia_UI_Designer_NB.jar file to be installed.
The newly installed modules will appear in the file structure in the Options dialog. The Nokia UI Designer module is located in the root of the Modules folder (Options\IDE Configuration\System\Modules). The Carbide.j module (NDS_Adapter_NetBeans.jar) appears in the Options\IDE Configuration\System\Modules\Tools folder.