I've been trying to get the latest 9210 emulator to work on Windows 2000 Server SP3. I have Java 1.3.1 and Activestate Perl 633 installed. I use the w2k RAS with null modem cable for tcpip access. I need to customize the login script to send 'CLIENT' two times (as reported by the other posts here).

However, trying to customize the login script from Control Panel->Internet Access->Advanced Settings crashes always returning only the following cryptic error message:

Application closed: Control Panel, KERN-EXEC, reason: 3

Some other application such as the 'Internet startup' application of control panel return same kind of errors. I've run the emulator on Windows NT 4 SP6 workstation with Java 1.2.2 with identical errors.

Anyone had similar experiences? Is this a NT file access permission problem or something similar? Or a bug in the emulator?