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    Theme Studio 3.0 Problems

    I have a nokia 6670 and when i export my designed theme i.e create a .sis file and upload it to my Nokia 6670 phone it doesnt save half the settings i.e the theme i designed half of the settings in the theme doesnt stay on my phone e.g in my theme studio my battery and signal indicators are red but on my phone its white. Also sound settings doesnt save either for some reason as soon as its on my phone half of the settings are reset and i cant get the theme to look or sound the way i want it on my phone but in the preview window in theme studio its perfect and the way i want it. Any one else having this problem and if so how can i fix it so it exports the settings the way i want and designed it? Also i thought maybe Theme Studio 3 is not compatible with 6670 but on the download page of theme studio 3 it says it is i.e http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/0,6566,034-301,00.html shows that theme studio supports 6670

    shows that 6670 is S60 2nd Ed FP1

    Also if there is any other theme studio version availble for download then where are the links i dont see them available on any nokia website
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