Almost all symbian apps need a connection that doesn't use a proxy server.You can't see it happening,but these apps handle any url as it were the network's proxy server address, located at Settings>
Access points>
*Name of the access point in use*>
Advanced settings>
Proxy serv. address

(the names of these options are based on nokia 6600 settings screen)

If a access point doesn't need a proxy to work, it can handle any address that is at "proxy serv. settings".That means you can use "proxy serv. settings" as a url bar.For example,enter as the proxy server and 80 as proxy port,then open Services ( or whatever your phone's default browser is called ) and try to go some to some address without entering any "/" after the site address i.e. , http://abc.def.ghi , or http://a.b .It doesn't matter what you try,you'll always end up at google's page,cause you've just put its ip as the proxy server ( ) .But it's the good part of the story.
The bad part is there are many people around the world whose operators only provide connections via proxy.Assuming such access points require the default network proxy to work,they can't connect to any other server, and, in most cases, your phone won't receive even 1 byte when you try to use some of those apps,once the app will handle the urls at proxy server address,ignoring then your current network's proxy.I've searched some files inside the rom drive,and i found 101F84D2.ini at \System\Shareddata\
that contains:


i've copied this file to C:\system\Shareddata\ , editing it as followed:


but still no success.Since it seems this is the best place to ask this kind of question,i just want some one here to assist me with it.Is there some string, script, file, app, lib, program, etc, that can force the phone to always connect using the default network's proxy server,doesn't matter what apps is going to be used?Also,i'd like to know what's the string the phone uses to connect via proxy.For example, my proxy is port 8080 and i want to go to .What's the full url the phone uses,so that if i put it at the url bar, the phone goes to forum nokia through my network proxy?I've tried some things like proxyort/ but no luck.Maybe it's something like proxyort(path) or any advanced string?Finally,can some one tell me what is the string a developer should use to define whether a app will use the default network proxy?Sorry if i posted it in the wrong section.