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    Post Create and read SMS User Data Header


    im (trying) to develop an application for sending sms messages, and it actualy works, width sms'es up to one message long.

    I like to send (and recive) messages longer than one message and therefore i need to finde out how to create and read the header information of a SMS.

    Because i dont know anything about sms headers than to set the UDHI bit, and that the header, for an example could look like this:

    ..............AA BB CC DD EE FF GG HH
    SMS'es A:
    Header 1: 05 00 .03 C8 02 01 8A
    Header 2: 05 00 .03 C8 02 02 CA
    SMS'es B
    Header 1: 06 08 .04 00 26 04 01 C7
    Header 2: 06 08 .04 00 26 04 02 65
    Header 3: 06 08 .04 00 26 04 03 F4
    Header 4: 06 08 .04 00 26 04 04 EE

    of the context i concludet that the first two digits (AA) tells how many hex folowing. The digits EE & FF (in sms'es B digits FF& GG) must be the total numbers og messages, folowed by the current message id.
    The digits BB, CC, DD (and EE) must be some kind of unik id for the SMS'es.

    Am i rigt or wrong, and can anybody help?


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    Re: Create and read SMS User Data Header

    Smart message header

    0b= UDHL
    05= Application Port Addressing Scheme IEI (16 bit address)
    04= IE Data Length
    158A=Handset Destination Port (5514)
    0000=Originating Port
    00= IE Identifier (Concatenated SM 8-bit)
    03= IE Data Length
    01= Concatenated message reference
    03= Total message parts
    01= Message part number

    see Nokia Smart Messaging spec

    Concatenated text message header

    05--User Data Header Length (5 octets)
    00--Concatenated message (8-bit reference)
    03--Information Element Data Length
    0f--Concatenated Message Reference (uses a modulo 256 count)
    02--Total Message Parts (value 0-255)
    01--Part Number of this Segment (value 0-255)


    see 23040-660.zip

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    Re: Create and read SMS User Data Header

    any available examples to look through

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    Re: Create and read SMS User Data Header

    Can any one help me in setting UDH header for the SMS in symbian C++
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