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    New to WAP, need help understanding the need of a gateway

    Hi there, I'm new to wap, I have been reading a lot about the technology and understand that a gateway is needed to encode the WML content served by the web server for the mobile devices, If I'm not mistaken this is how it works with WAP 1.x specification...I'm I right???
    I'm interested in developing mobile sites using XHTML MP, which is WAP 2.0, right? If I were to develop sites for only WAP 2.0 compliant mobile devices do I still need a gateway? If I want to allow backward compatibility to WAP 1.x do I need a gateway? If I need a gateway is this gateway provided by the cellular service provider, or do I have to set up one? Are there any reasons why I should consider my own gateway, for example, security??

    Please help me clear my doubts...


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    Re: New to WAP, need help understanding the need of a gateway

    To short, i think you has to worry about a wap gateway only if your going to work with wml scripts.If your going to create only html, xhtml or even wml sites,all intented for mobile browsers, it will depend on the person that will access your site.In my case,my network has its own gateway, most known as proxy server.But there are some operators that provide connections without any proxy server.In both cases, every person will be able to access your site.In other words, your only work is to create the pages and hosting them at some server.Sorry,I don't know if i understood your question quite well

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