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    Secure content: DRM, OTA, .mm and CoD

    Even after reading the various content white papers on Forum Nokia, I am unclear about Nokia's roadmap with regards to secure previews and downloads of content, eg an SP-MIDI file.

    What handsets allow .mm "on-the-air previews" and what handsets allow CoD files? Do CoD files provide any security for the content provider? What's to stop a user with a PC just accessing content via WAP and pirating it? How about Java MIDP OTA, does that have any provision for protecting content, and if so how universal will it be in Nokia handsets?

    I think content enablers deserve to know where Nokia is heading with implementation of various methods in its handsets. As mobile content becomes more sophisticated, it's increasingly important that the content provider feels secure that copyrights will not be compromised a la Napster. All these questions are quite time-sensitive--we need to know if now is the time to start a viable content publishing business, or if it is still too early.


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    RE: Secure content: DRM, OTA, .mm and CoD


    For security issues see http://nkn.forum.nokia.com/devrel/threadshow.cfm?mb=8429589032136859&msg=8279962077790862&page=4.

    For terminal support see http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/1,35452,1_41_1,00.html and http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/1,35452,1_41_3,00.html.

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