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    Linking Error on FP2

    Now I got 2 programs. And I decided to create a library for the first program and then call the library subroutine on the application. Every thing works as expected on the EPOC program.

    But when I try to compile for the real device (abld build armi urel). Millions of linkgin errors come out as follows.
    1. undefined reference to 'sprintf'
    2. relocation truncated to fit: ARM_26 sprintf
    The error comes out not only from sprintf. Also comes from memset, free... which I used those commands on the library.

    The machine I used is a Nokia 6630 (Symbian S60 OS version is 8.0). And the developer platform used is S60 2nd Edition, Feature Pack 2.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Question Re: Linking Error on FP2

    I have got the same problem! Have you solved it already?

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