Dear Nokia users,

I have two questions about Nokia 2115i and Nokia 2116 (CDMA cellphone).

1. Missing "Caller Group" menu
The "Caller Group" menu in my Nokia 2115i is missing and when I select it, it just come back to main menu (stand by mode).
The store where i bought it offers me to upgrade the firmware to fix it.
But, unfortunately he only has the firmware of Nokia 2116 instead of Nokia 2115i.
The worse thing is, he doesn't guarantee it will be fine to upgrade my Nokia 2115i with the firmware of Nokia 2116.
If i want to upgrade using the firmware of Nokia 2115i, i have to leave my Nokia 2115i to be sent to the master dealer for about 2-4 weeks and have no temporary replacement of my cellphone.

Therefore, i want to make sure whether it is fine to upgrade the firmware of Nokia 2115i by using the firmware of Nokia 2116?

Is it true that both Nokia 2115i and Nokia 2116 have the same hardware and firmware?

2. Restore Factory Setting
How can i restore the factory setting of Nokia 2115i without being asked for its security code?

Instead of re-installing its firmware, are there any other ways to reset or even to read the security code of Nokia 2115i ?

Actually this is what happened to me...
I ever changed its security code from its default one.
After that, I change it back to its default security code (12345).
But the strange thing is the default code (12345) is wrong (error code) when I tried to do a "Restore factory setting".

Thank you for your support.

Best Regards,