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    Minor problem in MIFConv

    I experience a minor problem in when I compile a standard project in my personal folder via carbide.c++:

    'Invoking: MIF Compiler'
    perl -S epocmifdef.pl -p"C:\Documents and Settings\workspace\test\" -hC:\Symbian\9.1\S60_3rd\EPOC32\include\test.mbg -o"/Symbian/9.1/S60_3rd/EPOC32/RELEASE/WINSCW/UDEB/Z/resource/apps/test.mif" ../gfx/test.mifdef
    Reading source list file: ../gfx/test.mifdef.txt
    Checking: C:\Documents
    Checking: and
    Checking: Settings\workspace\test\gfx\qgn_menu_test.svg

    ERROR: File not found C:\Documents.bmp

    The Problem is, that this tool interprets every space as seperator. If I compile the project in c:\carbide everything works ;-) -> Improvereqest for the next version.

    Beside that congratulations to the Nokia Team really cool Eclipse/Symbian Integration!!!!!

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    Re: Minor problem in MIFConv


    Yes, you must create your Carbide.c++ Express workspace in a directory that does not contain blanks. While this was mentioned in the installation guide, unfortunately Eclipse proposes "Documents and Settings" as the default workspace.

    I'm glad you liked the product!

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