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    Server to Phone with Mbuni??

    I have read the docs and multiple sites concerning Mbuni but I have not found the answer to this question.

    Can I send a MMS message from the server to a phone with Mbuni?
    I know I can do:
    Phone to Phone
    Phone to Mail
    Mail to Phone

    Also how do you think Mbuni compares to Now SMS/MMS?

    I would rather stick with my current set-up of: Linux Server, PHP and MySql to finish the MMS delivery engine but I can, if need be, set-up a box for windows and just route traffic trough that.

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    Re: Server to Phone with Mbuni??

    Yes it is possible.
    mmsssend can be used to submit (inject) a message into the global queue. It should be invoked as follows:

    mmssend -f from_address -t recipient_list -m mmsfile [-b] conf_file

    But of course you need a SMSC, like Kannel + serial cable + mobile phone
    or buy a HTTP-SMS-service.

    Mbuni can do more things than NowMMS!
    New version is published, 1.1.0.

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    working with mbuni

    can anyone tell me the steps to use mbuni gateway...
    i have started mmsrelay mmsc.conf
    mms proxy mmsc.conf
    bearerbox wapkannel.conf
    wapbox wapkannel.conf
    smsbox smskannel.conf

    then used mmssend command also

    the wap and sms box are connected to bearer box...

    i want to send one mms using these...using that command mmssend -f -t am unable to send ........

    what should the input...what are the other setups needed to send a sample mms using mmsc.......

    give the detailed procedure to setup mbuni and send mms through it

    Thanks in advance

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