I took me quite a while to find out how to create a new group folder to place the application. But now I face another big problem. How can I localize the group folder, like "Tools" folder, it will display "Tools" in Eng langange mode and "Tools in Chinese" in Chinese language mode. I need to be able to create a new group at installation time, and this group can have different localized display according to the phone language...

For app icon, I can have Chinese or English app name, when user change phone language it will display accordingly. But for app folder, although I follow the same convention and do this in as in the following files, but it will behave like this:

Phone in Chinese language, install app, the "ChineseGroup" folder will be created. After phone switches to Eng, it will still display "Chinese" folder.

If phone is in English, install app, the "EngGroup" will be created, but switch to Chinese language will still display "EngGroup".

Any idea how to solve this?


RESOURCE LOCALISABLE_APP_INFO r_filelist_localisable_app_info
short_caption = STRING_filelist_short_caption_string;
group_name= S_f_group_s;
caption_and_icon =
caption = STRING_filelist_caption_string;
number_of_icons = 2;
icon_file = "\\resource\\apps\\Filelisticon.mbm";

and in .rls:

#ifdef LANGUAGE_01 // or sC

rls_string S_f_group_s "EngGroup"


#ifdef LANGUAGE_29 // TW

rls_string S_f_group_s "Chinese"