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    Lightbulb Problem using SDK!! HELP PLEASE!!

    I am a computer science student from india and am in my final semester. I have been given a project on mobile game development for symbian OS. I downloaded activeperl 5.8, JRE 1.5, series 60 3rd edition SDK and carbide .vs. When i open the Import symbian project from the file menu in .NET, it opens the window to enable/disable the sdk and displays the s60 3rd edition sdk in the window but when i try to enable it, I get the following message: "This SDK cannot be enabled as the corresponding descriptor was not found".

    Also when i go to the example's directory: "Symbian\9.1\s60_3rd\s60Ex\helloworldbasic\group" from the command line and type the following command:
    > bldmake bldfiles
    i get the following warnings:
    >WARNING: Cannot determine the version of the RVCT compiler.
    >WARNING: When building for ARMV5 platform compiler RVCT 2.2 or later is required.

    Can someone please help me with this problem.

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    Re: Problem using SDK!! HELP PLEASE!!


    Carbide.vs 2.0 does not support the Final 3.0 SDK, an update will be available shortly.

    For target building you need to separately install the GCCE support tools, see SDK documentation for installing the ARM toolchain for Symbian.

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    Re: Problem using SDK!! HELP PLEASE!!

    If you have previous experience with eclipse, you may try to use Carbide.c++ Express as IDE which is supported for S60 3rd edtion SDK. If you want to work with S60 3.0 SDK, You may either choose CodeWarrior 3.1 (not free) or Carbide.c++ (free) as development IDE. Check the following link:


    The choice is yours! :)

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