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    UPDATED for v1.2: Carbide.c++ Frequently Asked Questions

    This thread contains answers to the most common questions about Carbide.c++ Express, Developer, and Professional editions.


    Q: Where can I find the latest information on known problems and workarounds for Carbide.c++?

    A: Read the release notes! Go to Help > Help Contents > Carbide.c++ User Guide > Release Notes. Many common problems are described there, along with workarounds.


    Q: Is there some kind of guide or white paper to help me migrate from CodeWarrior or Visual Studio to Carbide.c++?

    A: Yes, there is. From the Welcome screen (Help > Welcome) select Overview, and then click on "Switching to Carbide.c++." This will provide a PDF migration guide that should help you make the transition.


    Q: I'm more comfortable with CodeWarrior or Visual Studio key mappings. Can I set up Carbide.c++ to use these key bindings instead of the Eclipse ones?

    A: Of course. Go to Window > Preferences > General > Keys, go to the Modify tab, and select the key mapping set of your choice from the Scheme pulldown menu.


    Q: I'm trying to debug a DLL and I can't get the debugger to stop at any of my breakpoints! What's wrong?

    A: You need to select File > Import > Symbian OS Executable and add the DLL to the calling EXE's project. Then your breakpoints will be loaded and recognized.


    Q: I see lots of bright red keywords in my text editor. What does that mean?

    A: Any symbols that the CDT Indexer does not recognize appear as bright red. There's nothing wrong; it just means that the highlighted words cannot be recognized by the tool for things like jumping to a function's definition or declaration. Macros are particularly susceptible to indexer problems.


    Q: When I build my project, multi-line error messages are showing up in the Problems view in the wrong order! Is there a way to fix this?

    A: Sorting the view by message creation time will fix this problem. This is done by going to the Problems view, clicking the Menu button on the right-hand side (the small down-arrow), selecting Sorting, and make sure the first item in the list is Creation Time, Ascending.


    Q: Are there any limitations on how I can name my Carbide.c++ workspace?

    A: When Carbide starts and prompts you for a workspace, be sure to give it a path with no spaces in it. Spaces in this path can cause problems importing files and searching for headers. If you have already created a workspace with spaces in the name, you can change it by selecting File > Switch Workspace.


    Q: There are so many Series 60 SDKs available for download. Which ones work with Carbide.c++?

    A: Please make sure you have the WINSCW flavour of the SDKs that you need. For Nokia S60 2nd Ed, 2nd Ed FP1 and 2nd Ed FP2 (aka 2.0, 2.1 and 2.6), both a WINS and a WINSCW version of the SDK exists. If you have been using Microsoft tools prior to installing Express, you most likely have only the WINS flavour and need to download and install the WINSCW version of the SDKs. For S60 2nd Ed FP3 and S60 3d Ed, only the WINSCW version exists.

    Carbide.c++ supports the final release of the S60 3rd edition SDK, the same SDK is also supported by Carbide.vs 2.0.1.


    Q: Where can I find information on how to purchase or upgrade to Carbide.c++?

    A: We have created a small FAQ to provide an update on the Carbide.c++ products, discuss pricing and upgrade policies, and to review support and migration concerns. Just download the attached Carbide FAQ.pdf which contains all the information you will need.


    Q: I get the error "Perl was not found on the PATH environment variable. Some tools will not function properly." when I launch Carbide.c++. How do I fix this?

    A: Customers that don't have ActivePerl installed will receive this message: To fix this, you can go to www.activestate.com and download Perl 5.6.1 for free.


    Q: How do I see debug messages with RDebug:Print in the console view?

    A: Check "View Process Output" in the debug configurations panel. With that enabled, the debug messages will be shown in the "Debug Messages" console view.


    Q: I have a project with hundreds of source files in it. When I try to build it, I get a linker error stating that the command line is too long. How do I fix this?

    A: This is fixed in Carbide v1.2. If you are still using an older version for some reason, shortening the project path should help. Either move it up as many levels as you can or simply rename the project folder and the folders above it so they contain fewer characters. Note that if you change the path you will need to add it to your workspace again via File > Import > Existing Projects Into Workspace.


    Q: I bought the Developer/Professional version of Carbide.c++. I'm trying to add a cust kit to the SDK Preferences window, but there is no Add button there, only a Remove one. How do I add a cust kit?

    A: This feature is enabled by your license file, so there is probably something wrong with it. Please contact Carbide licensing support so they can help you troubleshoot your license problem.


    Q: I just upgraded from Express to Developer/Pro and when I open Carbide I get warnings for an "Invalid Project Paths: Include path not found" and my project won't compile.

    A: Be sure to switch to a different workspace instead of using the same one as you did in Express. You can choose "File" and "Switch Workspace" to create another one.


    Q: When I import an mmp file in carbide I get the warning 'CTags not installed or not in path.' Have you encountered this problem before?

    A: CTags is the default parser that is used in Eclipse, the warning is because you don't have it installed. If you want to get rid of the warning, open up the help system and look in the release notes for the information about this warning. There will be a link in the release notes to where you download CTags from.


    Q: We are using Carbide Profiler tool in our project to measure our device performance. We would like to use it to see Device Startup and AppShell Startup time. Is it possible with this tool?

    A: Currently this isn't possible with the Developer/Pro versions. However we are working to make this available in the next version of the tool that we release.


    Q: I'm using the Subclipse plugin and I get this error:

    "Workspace Path Validation Error"
    Your Eclipse workspace path is:


    But the actual file system path is:


    A: The only difference between the two is the capitalized drive letter in the actual file system path. According to http://subclipse.tigris.org/faq.html#path-case, this is an issue with the Eclipse 3.1 (and probably earlier) platform.

    It is very important to enter a capitalized drive letter in the workspace path to be able to use this plugin.


    Q: I get linker errors when I try to use more than one static library in a Carbide v1.1 project. Am I doing something wrong?

    A: This is a known problem with Carbide.c++ version 1.1. To add more than one static library, go into the project's linker preferences and try including the static library in the "Libraries" section instead of the "Static Libraries" section. As long as you are sure to specify the .lib extension it should work. (Otherwise it will assume .dso) This has been fixed in the v1.2 release.
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