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    Naming policy of SDKs ?

    Nokia, what is the logic of naming the zip files that contains the SDKs for certain IDEs ?

    Okay, now you have released the Carbide.c++ v1.0.

    What are the names of s60 zip files that carbide.c++ is able to use ?

    For example when i open the combo box that contains all s60 sdk's, which text i have to choose from combo box that contains the correct sdk for carbide.c++ ?

    I want to load s60 sdk for 2nd ed fp 2 for carbide.c++ v1.0.

    ( Combo box texts can be seen on the page : http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/0,,034-4,00.html

    Text that i have to use from combo box dowloading purposes
    Combo box text
    A row - 2nd Ed FP 2, Codewarrior
    B row - 2nd Ed, FP 2 ( 146268 )

    corresponding zip file from the combo box
    zip file name
    A row - s60_2nd_fp_sdk.zip
    B row - s60_2nd_fp_sdk_msb.zip

    There is no mention of carbide version of sdk in your combo box and i think that i am not using Codewarrior or msb ( Microsoft/Borland ?) versions with my carbide.c++ !

    So, please answer me, which s60 sdk version 2 and feature pack 2 i have to choose from your combo box text that presents those zip files that contains those real files for carbide.c++.

    I have to make my dowloading choice according on those combo box text infos, that does not tell me enough information, which zip file contains the correct one sdk for s60 v2 fp 2 for carbide.c++ !

    This question in not written with Cambridge english, but hopefully you get the idea that i am asking you ?

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    Re: Naming policy of SDKs ?


    Carbide uses the CodeWarrior version of the SDKs. It's still running CodeWarrior components, just with a different IDE.


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    Re: Naming policy of SDKs ?

    Thanks Ron for your fast reply message on my question.

    Hopefully, some day, the naming policy of texts that are shown on combo boxes will be straight comparable with target ide's.

    Is this current naming policy on dowloading practises based on the good English humor ?

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