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    about sending Picture Message to mobile phone

    I want to send a picture message to a NOKIA 8210 from my web via GSM.
    I follow the SMART MESSAGING SPEC Revision 3.0.0, GSM03.40 and GSM03.38.
    I am using 3 short messages(the TP-UD content is a copy from the FAQ 16 of http://forum.nokia.com/smsforum/main/1,35452,1_2_5_5,00.html#picture),
    but the ME receives 3 messages separately and can not display.
    I've tried to sent a picture through a web site (
    http://520.88609.com/type_picture.htm) to a Chunghwa Telecom's number
    (0911226103) and it worked fine.
    Therefore, I am sure the ME and the SIM card both are working good.
    So, the problem should be at the filed of TP-PID and TP-DCS. I guess...
    What I have for the two bytes are (TP-PID = 0x00, and TP-DCS = 0xF4).
    Should I send these messages to ME as Class 0 short message or Class 1
    I am not quite sure about how the TP-DCS field is formed in order to
    send a smart message.

    Could you clarify these for me...

    Thanks you!

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    RE: about sending Picture Message to mobile phone


    Please check thread titled "RE: To Mr.Auvinent", there's an example of multipart UDH header for ringtone.

    Message class should be set to Class 1.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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    RE: about sending Picture Message to mobile phone

    For Nokia Smart Messaging, the TP-DCS needs to be 0xf5 or 0x15.
    If the value is 0xf4, it means that it's a class 0 message which will not be stored to SIM or ME memory. Also, most handsets don't support class 0 concatenate message and that might be the reason you get 3 separate message instead of "linked-up 3-packet concatenate message".

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