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    BUG: Carbide.c++, AIF Compiler fails

    Hi all,

    I found a small bug. I'm not sure if it is specific to Carbide.c++, but that is what I am using.

    The epocaifdef.pl file in Carbide\plugins\com.symbian.cdt.sdk_1.0.0\scripts does not pass the -t flag to epocaif.pl correctly. This causes problems in environents where the default temp directory (in this case, the root of the C:\ drive) is not writable by the user.

    For instance, my user account, which runs with restricted privileges, cannot create files directly under C:\ so the 'Invoking: AIF Compiler' phase would fail. I tried putting -tTemp in the General Options of the AIF Compiler (in the Properties window), but it had no effect.

    To fix, change line 201:

    my $aifCommand = "perl -S epocaif.pl -o$opt_o $opt_I $rssSrcFile ";

    my $aifCommand = "perl -S epocaif.pl -t$tmpdir -o$opt_o $opt_I $rssSrcFile ";
    and add after line 46:

    my $tmpdir="";
    Now you should be able to specify whatever temp directory you want - hopefully something writable ;-)

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    Re: BUG: Carbide.c++, AIF Compiler fails

    Wow, it's really nice when bug reports include a solution. :-)

    Thanks so much for letting us know about this. I've logged it in our system and we'll try to get a fix into the next release.


    Matt P.

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    Re: BUG: Carbide.c++, AIF Compiler fails

    i am apply your above procedure for epocaifdef.pl file
    but i want to change icon in Aif file but they always take default icon.
    pls help me.

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