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    CMGL/CMGR/CMGD commands to 6210 - phone status not updated

    Hi All,
    I'm using the AT commands to read and delete SMs from my 6210 (soon to be a 6310i). It works fine, but the phone still shows the new message icon and displays e.g. "2 messages received" even though the messages have been read and deleted.

    Do I need to send some kind of status update to the phone?
    How do I keep the phone details up to date?

    Thanks in advance..


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    RE: CMGL/CMGR/CMGD commands to 6210 - phone status not updated

    The status of the message is updated "atleast it should be, some variations with SW can occur" when it is read with cmgl or cmgr.
    You can check the change by using the cmgl or cmgr again and
    checking the status of the message. "REC UNREAD"->"REC READ"
    Changes made with AT commands are made to the same memory as from
    user interface of the phone. There is nothing you can do with
    AT-commands to make the user interface to update its appearence if
    it does not do it itself.
    M, Forum Nokia

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