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    Access To N-Gage Inbox

    I have an N-Gage with hundreds of SMS's in folders containing archived SMS messages. I need to programmatically read each and every SMS to perform various tasks based on the text content and the timestamp when received.

    It seems as though this can't be done using Java, so it will have to be done in C++. I haven't got any idea where to get the answer to my problem, The main problem being: can you access the messages in the inbox, and how is this acheived?

    Please someone point me in the right direction.

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    Re: Access To N-Gage Inbox

    You can access the messages from a C++ app. Search the S60 C++ SDK for "MTM" or "messaging framework". The correct SDK version for the N-Gage is the S60 versions 1.2 SDK (S60 1st Edition). If you use a newer SDK, your app(s) might not work on the N-Gage.

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