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    Capture HTTP traffic with RSocket?

    An application1 sends an http request and then I have to catch the http response with another application2. The problem is that the application 2 has to open a socket to listen http traffic. I've tried to read the remote host using :
    but the RunL method is never called.

    Here are the different steps :

    application1 selects an access point and connects
    application 1 unregister its objects that handles http response
    application 2 opens a socket with the connection used by the application 1 and is ready to read on the http server (it calls SetActive after sock.Read(iBuffer,iclientStatus); )
    application1 sends http request to the http server

    then the runl method is never called!

    If you have suggestions thanks

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    Re: Capture HTTP traffic with RSocket?

    Basic remark:
    Http traffic goes through a TCP channel, which means connection oriented transport. When app1 disconnects from the server, the session is over; app2 will have a new connection, without pending data to receive.
    Advanced remark:
    You can try RSocket::Transfer for passing the socket from app1 to app2, and see if it works.

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