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    N70 is a crap or not......?

    HI to all I hope you all willbe fine having fun with your NOKIA PHONES not like me cuz............

    It starts with one thing.........I bought N70 5weeks ago.To be honest i really disappointed due to Following factors:

    1:Radio is not working properly.After every 5sec a distrubing sound continuously interupt listner.(After all its the latest,uinque,Hi-Fi piece of modren technology therefore its radio should be different from Nokia 2300 which perform better than this)

    2:Phone stuck frequently for 5 to 10 sec.
    e.g After closing many applications like Power mp3,Control Freak or Rollbot
    After uninstalling some app when refreshing memory plus when exits from manager.
    When trying to acces any folder in main menu plus when exiting from that foledr
    (After all its equiped with one of the fastest ARM 220MHz processor plus 22MB RAM and supported New Symbian operating system ver 8.1a for user applications to run "SMOTHLY").

    3:Mp3 Ringtones doenot ring most of the time onlt screen flashes but NoSound.one solution is to restart every time when you see missed call warnning on your screen.
    (After all it has a stereo speker system not like NOKIA 7610 that got mono but play Mp3 ringtones Flawlessy).

    I have 7610 too believe me that the quality of the material and the operating system stability is much better than N70.N70 is little faster than 7610 but slower than 6630.

    1:All you N70 owners out there suffering from same situation like me.......?
    2:Suggest me what to do upgrade my firmware or what.......?
    3:Is upgrading the firmware is a safe process....?


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    Re: N70 is a crap or not......?

    I have many problems like you.
    First of all using the camera,both pics or video don't go in the gallery.
    Mp3 ring tones function very irregurarly, and the most of times I have to reboot the phone to reactivate the right way.
    But the worst thing is that too many times phone seems to be out of line so for the persons who phone me I'm unreachable (instead for me seems to be all ok). I had the same problem with the first series of 6630.

    I'm waiting for a new N70 firmware release, hoping tha all this problems will be resolved.

    Good luck


    I'm waiting for

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