I've been through the docs with the FP3 SDK trying to work how to test screen size and rotation changes. I've found the info on epoc.ini where you can specify a list of configurations, but after putting different configuration files in there I can't find any way to access them, the configuration dialog in the emulator just seems to give the same old choices 240x320,352x416,176x208 and ignores any changes I make.

I've tried the -M command line parameter and that seems to be ignored, I've even tried editing the screen size in the exisiting configuration files, and that seems to change the area visible in the emulator, but the applications still seem to act as though they had the original screen size from the configuration, not my edited one.

Also, is there a hotkey to dynamically flip the rotation from within the emulator, I've found ctrl-alt-shift-O to flip it through 180, but this seems a bit pointless when 90 degree orientation flips are what applications need to be tested on.