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    Exclamation Image conversion utility in Series 60 3rd Edition SDK Beta

    Dear All,

    Hope that someone can help me!!!

    I am developing an application using Series 60 3rd Edition SDK Beta and I am facing a problem. I will past here my class and then explain what are my problems.


    //MMdaImageUtilObserver is an interface to a set of image conversion utility callback functions.
    class CBeCoolSkinHandler : public CBase, public MMdaImageUtilObserver
    public: // Constructors and destructor
    CBeCoolSkinHandler(CBeCoolAppUi* aAppUi, TBeCoolSkin& aSkin);
    static CBeCoolSkinHandler* NewL(CBeCoolAppUi* aAppUi, TBeCoolSkin& aSkin);


    public: // From MMdaImageUtilObserver.
    virtual void MiuoConvertComplete(TInt aError);
    virtual void MiuoCreateComplete(TInt aError);
    virtual void MiuoOpenComplete(TInt aError);

    public: // New functions.
    void LoadSkinL();
    static const CFont* BeCoolFontToCFont(TBeCoolFont aBeCoolFont); //CFont link against gdi.lib

    void ConstructL();

    void ReadSkinDescriptionL(const TDesC& aFileName);
    void ReadSkinColour(TLex8& aLex, TRgb& aColour);
    void ReadSkinRect(TLex8& aLex, TRect& aRect);

    private: // Data

    *Converts the jpg file to a bitmap
    *Implements format conversion of a file based image to a bitmap.
    *The class provides functions to create an instance of this conversion
    *utility and to open an existing image file. Conversion is performed using
    *the image conversion utility interface.
    CMdaImageFileToBitmapUtility* iSkinLoader;//Link against: mediaclientimage.lib

    //Re-scales a bitmap.
    CMdaBitmapScaler* iSkinScaler;////Link against: mediaclientimage.lib

    CBeCoolAppUi* iAppUi;
    TBeCoolSkin& iSkin;

    TBool iScaling;


    As I could undertsand that the Media APIs in this SDK were changed.
    I can not find CMdaImageFileToBitmapUtility or CMdaBitmapScaler

    What is the solution in this SDK??

    Thank you,

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    Re: Image conversion utility in Series 60 3rd Edition SDK Beta

    You can use CImageDecoder from Image Conversion Library (ICL) to decode a JPEG into a bitmap. CBitmapScaler should help with scaling bitmaps.

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