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    can anybody tell me how the hell to make the socket example working. it never connect to any server at any host for me error is always -33 or -34

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    RE: socket


    Let me quote from a letter found at Forum Nokia - Symbian - Symbian Tools & SDKs :
    ---- Quotation begins
    Dear Developers,

    I have now talked with the people at Degel Software Ltd about publishing their modified cdbv2.dat file and they agreed.

    So, to get RAS working with the 0.9 SDK, please download the cdbv2.dat file at:

    http://www.digstud.se (Choose Symbian to the left)

    I think everyone interested in making network-enabled-software will appreciate the efforts that David Jacobson at Degel Software put into this issue. (http://www.degel.com)

    And again, I hope that Nokia will provide a working toolkit for the next release.

    Best Regards,
    /Patrik Strmstedt
    ---- Quotation ends

    I downloaded that comms db and it works!


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