I'm trying to switch from codewarrior to carbide.

Right now in CW, I have a project that I'm compiling with S60 SDK 2nd edition FP3. But then, I want to compile it for S60 SDK V3. So I just close the project and reimport the MMP file and specify the SDK I want to use.

In carbide, I also have a project. Initially I specified only the S60 SDK 2nd edition FP3 in the build configuration. Then for some reason (e.g. I just installed a new SDK, and of course, that SDK is supported in Carbide), I want to compile it with another SDK (e.g. S60 SDK V3). How am I supposed to do that when that SDK doesn't appear in the "build configuration" view? Is there a way for reimporting the project and specify the SDK I want to use?

Of course, I don't have a MMP, because Carbide doesn't seem to generate one, so I can't use the option "Symbian MMP file" for reimporting