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    Execute basic console application


    I've created a basic console application using the provided project template of Carbide.c++ Express 1.0. I use the "S60 3.0 Emulator Debug" build configuration. When I Run... the application the Epoc emulator starts up but the console application is neither executed nor installed. What details do I overlook?

    Thanks for any help,

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    Re: Execute basic console application

    Mainly it sounds like you have overlooked the Carbide.c++ documentation :-). Pls check the Online Help section called "Debugging console applications", that should contain the information that you need.

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    Re: Execute basic console application

    I have the same problem. I imported one of the SDK's examples and don't know how to run it...

    I googled for "Debugging console applications" and found nothing.

    Where to look mitts?


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    Thumbs down Re: Execute basic console application

    Well....I was looking and looking and I found that in order to console application I have to:

    1. Import SDK's example which I want to run (CClasses for example)
    a)File->Import->Import->Choose "Symbian MMP File"->Next
    b)Browse to example mmp file, choose s60 3.0 Emulator Debug
    2. Build the application
    3. Right click on the application in the C/C++ projects pane (left side of the screen)->Debug As...->Debug...
    4. New
    5. In the "main" tab change the
    "Emulator or host application:"
    to something like
    6. Debug!
    7. Wait a whiiiiile (phone emulator with white blank screen will show battery and antenna icons and eventually will show the console)
    NOTE: If I left the console for a while without typing anything the graphical menu is show.
    8. Type name of your program.
    9. Wee hee hey!

    Sorry to everybody who think it's obvious but it took me a LOT of time to get to this point though I've bee in C++ for quite a while and I've been working with different IDEs.


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    Re: Execute basic console application


    I have tried same step but i am unable to debug.
    I can see console but as soon as I type application name
    it is showing me error "Not Found".

    Any extra setting required??

    Txs in advance..

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    Re: Execute basic console application

    I'm sure you have not tried the same steps, Carbide.c++ 1.0 is no longer available and v1.3 is a lot different. Also the SDK used here has been since then patched and you should be using the MR version if not a later release.

    So, can you explain what exactly have you tried and what exactly does not work?

    Also, until you gain experience you should not try to build a console application but rather build a Symbian GUI project and get familiar with the tools and the emulator. Then you can move on to a console project if you really need one.
    -- Lucian

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