I'm a software engineer with 10years of experience in the unix systems programming(kernel, device drivers, usb, io subsystem, etc) and earning a decent salary 120K. Most of the time i work on making something to work on our unix platform, like porting and adding features that doesn't require much creativity or design. So i'm not very happy about my work, beacuse the jon doesn't require much creative intelligence and doesn't leave any legacy of me.

I want to be creative at the job and want to make a difference. Down the road i want to start a company. I feel that Mobile phones make a lot of difference in our lives and want to do something in that area.

There are 2 sub domains i want to learn.
1. developing software for the mobile phones, so that mobile phones can talk to web services designed for mobile phones
2. developing web services for mobile phones

I would like to get help from you on how to become an expert in the mobile phone doamin. what technologies do i need to know. what are the must that i need to know and what are desirable. In what sequence i need to learn them.

I'm a very fast learner and i hope that i can buildup the skills over a year so that i can transition to a career in the mobile phones.